QD2020 is the eleventh International Conference on Quantum Dots, the leading conference on quantum dot research.

It all started in Munich (QD2000) and since then has travelled the world, visiting USA (QD2012), Canada (QD2004, QD2018), Japan (QD2002), Korea (QD2008, QD2016) and Europe (QD2004, QD2006, QD2010, QD2014).

As such, the conference has gone full circle and returned to where it started twenty years ago whilst still bringing together the world’s leading quantum dot researchers in the epitaxial, colloidal, and lateral quantum dot communities, working in experiment and theory.

This time, QD2020 has further expanded the scope of the conference to include emergent themes, such as nanoclusters, nanoplatelets and localized excitons in 2D-materials and colour centres in wide-gap insulators.